Update 2.3.0 : Game Arena


Update 2.3.0 : Game Arena

► New Features

• Game Arena – We have added the Game Arena, a system through which you can play PVP Games. The Game Arena can be opened with Alt+G. You can manage a Battle Group, invite players, join an Arena game and view older game results. (The results viewer is an in-game web browser, to be used for game results, news, and other planned projects.)
• Game Arena Tournaments – As of now, there are 3 Weekly Tournaments; Solo (1v1), Soulmate(2v2) and Clan(10~15 v 10~15). Every week you can battle it out in these tournaments to win exclusive Epic equipment!

> Solo and Soulmate are single-elimination: if you lose your match, youre out!
> Clan Tournament is a double-elimination system: If you lose your match you will continue to fight against other losers. The winner of the losers-pool will fight against the winner of the normal pool in the tournament final.
> Pots are allowed, buff scrolls are blocked.
> You can use the “Alliance” chat tab to talk to your Battle Group.
> During the tournament you can open the Scoreboard(Alt+J) to view your team, your enemy, and other participants scores.

• Game Arena Reward – Each torunament champion will gain Epic Equipments, Epic equipment is very rare and strong, you can only use it for 7 days until it will be destroyed.

• Soulmate Divorce – In March/April we introduced Marriage and Soulmates. From now on you can also divorce your Soulmate.However, King Jorge is conservative and only allows divorces after 1 month of marriage. Furthermore, the global financial crisis has arrived in Junon Polis and the City Council needs money, so a fee of 10,000,000z is required to divorce your Soulmate.

• Rocket Engine – Added this engine to fit the Hot Rod Carts.

► Adjustments

• Celestial War – The Celestial War has been updated to make wars more exciting. One of the four planets will now reward Epic Equipment sets to the winning Clan. The chosen planet will be announced 30 minutes before the war ends.

> As requested on our forums, the CW time has been changed to allow players from Brazil, Europe and Asia. The new time can be found in the Game Arena (Alt+G) window (6PM +8GMT).

• Economy Balancing – As requested on our forums, we have added a price cap on Donate Coupons and Grade 9 gems to stop the price from falling. Vendors can now only buy and sell these items for a price higher than the new cap.

> 1 DP: 5,500,000 z
> 3 DP: 16,500,000 z
> 5 DP: 27,500,000 z
> 100 DP: 550,000,000 z
> 300 DP: 1,650,000,000 z
> 500 DP: 2,750,000,000 z

> Class A Gem[9] : 250,000,000 z
> Class B Gem[9] : 350,000,000 z
> Class C Gem[9] : 2,850,000,000 z

> Weapons with socketed Class A Gem[9] : 175,000,000 z
> Weapons with socketed Class B Gem[9] : 275,000,000 z
> Weapons with socketed Class C Gem[9] : 2,350,000,000 z

> Class A Gems: Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, Peridot, Diamond, Pink Opal
> Class B Gems: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Pearl, Turqoise, Benitoite, Citrine, Alexandrite, Onyx, BlueDiamond, Ultimyx, Jade, Quartz, Zircon
> Class C Gems: Tanzanite, Pyrite, Cassiterite, Sugilite, Variscite

• Hunter Trap Skill – Traps are now removed if you teleport.
• Soul Mate Skill – Soul Power skill reduced Attack Power boost from 10% to 5%.
• Normal Items – Bags, Masks and Glasses can now be refined again. Refined masks do not add extra defense!
• PIN Code System – Changed PIN System: Removed the “No access from this location” popup, instead the player plays with limited rights. (Enough to share a cleric).
• Topaz Gem – Now has a second bonus stat of Defense 30 | Int 60 – Def 30
• Blue Diamond Gem – Now has a second bonus stat of Attack Power 30 | Int 60 – Ap 30

► Fixes

• Soul Mate Skill – Soul Life skill has been fixed.
• Hat Floating Bug – Fixed the misaligned cap bug.
• Arumic Hat items – Fixed level requiremnet and is now available on faction shop again.
• Crafted Samurai Set – Fixed Defense and Magic defense to match the old ones.
• Pirate Hook Faction Item – Fixed pirate hook shieds, can now be dragged to buy window.
• [Premium] Plain Business Wear Armor – Fixed visual bug.
• [Non- PPremium] Dual Acolyte Blade – Placed the correct icon.
• Unique Mists Katar – Fixed level requirement to lev.120.
• Mariners Look – Fixed typo error on item name.
• White Icicle – Fixed stamina requirement to 1000, (Consumables in this category has been set to rquire stamina 1000).
• Astarot PH (Faction Item) – Fixed Max HP Bonus, now adds the 400 HP to your base HP.
• [Premium] Bone Wing – Fixed stat to level out with other same stated wings.
• [Premium] Little Black Astarot Wing – Fixed stat to level out with other same stated wings.