Update 2.1.0 : New Client, Hunter job


Update 2.1.0 : New Client, Hunter job

Patch #1 Notes – “The Hunter”

*New Features

Hunter Class – 3rd Job Class for Raider or Scout. Hunter Class Scroll is available at the item mall.

New Item Mall Design – We have redesigned the item mall, Making it more organized and easy to use.

iRosePH Online Account Security – A new account security feature that allows you to set access parameters for your account.

New Login Interface – A new design for our login interface making it more user friendly.

New Character Selection – The new character selection gives you a closer look at your characters.

New NPC Dialog Style – The new NPC dialog makes it more easy to interact with the NPC.

Quest Icons – Can be found over the NPC when taking up quests.

Item Set Stat bonus – When wearing a full set armor you will receive an additional stat.

Relogin on disconnect – When your client disconnects you will return to the login window.

Storage Organiser and Extra Tab – The new storage system lets you to
drag and drop items from any slot. we also added another tab expanding
your storage.

Aruas Fairy – Random fairy awarded to random players, giving the chosen player more edge in terms of buffs.

Animated Equipment – New animated Caps, Hat, Hair, Backshield, Wings is now available.

Cart Weapons – You can now attach a weapon for your carts.

Cart Backseat – Attach a single seat at the back of your cart to let another player ride with you.

F1-F12 Skill Bar – Fucntion 9 to 12 can now be used at your skill bar and Alt bar.

Community ChatRooms – Chatrooms are back and you can set a password for protection.

Premium Item Disassembly – You can now dissamble your Premium Items and get 50% back of its original price.

Environment Effect – Certain skills triggers this new effect.

Run in Background – Client still runs even if its minimized or in background.

Third Base Stat – Certain items can have 3 bonus stat.

Damage cap flexibility – but remains at 2047 for now.

Ignore list – Now saves per character (/ignore help)

Interface Coloring – Set the color that you want for your client. (Alt+O Options)

Added New Faction Items.

Added New Craftable Items.

Added Schematic for Back Seat / Cart Weapons.

Added Ride request skill.

Added Mdef and Def Down buffs from Doppleganger (Forbidden Holy Grounds).

Added 5 New Gem – Tanzanite, Pyrite, Cassiterite, Sugilite, Variscite. (When dissasembled the gem may break and not degrade).

Added Video Resolutions.

Added Follow Command (/follow chaname | /unfollow chaname)

Removed Item cap.

Removed Halloween loading screen.

Removed Halloween Billboard.

Removed Gem 5 and 6 from drop table.

Removed technical limitations on stats, Skills.

*Adjustments & Fixes

Adjusted Land Mine (Suicides after blowing up & Added Cooldown to avoid spam).

Adjusted Drop Rate from Sikuku Ruins, Prison and Eldeon Clan Field.

Fixed Aero Engine Bug.

Fixed Clan upgrade. (NPC Regina and Burtland).


Duel Skill with round countdown

Revenge Skill (Added Revenge Effect)

Kill Streak Effect

Clan Skills – Ally, Recall and Assist

New Achievements with Ability to reward player with item, zuly, points when achieved.

Celestial War Reward – Rewards zuly to players that killed the crystal.

Messageboxes can be Accepted(OK) with Enter, and Rejected(CANCEL) with Return button.

Party member MP is now shown.

Trade and Vending maximum prices increased.

Item Preview is back.

*Client and Server Side.

Greatly improved the client loading speed and reduced lag.

Fixed many hacks, bugs and crashes.

Improved bug reporting system.

Many other fixes and minor adjustments.


Mirror #1: http://www.angalan.com/iRosePHOnlineSetup.exe

Mirror #2: https://www.irosephonline.com/iRosePHOnlineSetup.exe

Sounds Update Fixer:

Link: https://www.irosephonline.com/iRosePHUdate.exe