Patch Notes 13.09.2016


Patch Notes 13.09.2016

* Launched the Booster Event
– Added items for the Booster Event coupon.
– Reworked the Coupon backend code.
– Changed the Return to Game button in the System dialog to Redeem Coupon.
– Added a small popup to enter the coupon code instead of the /coupon chat command.

* You can log in with your game username and password on the forum.
– Changed the Website, Forum and Support links to open in the in-game browser.
– Using the Forum in-game will automatically log you in.
– If you already have a forum account on your email address, it will link your game account to your forum account.
– If you don’t have a forum account yet it will create one for you.

* Switching
– Quick Switch will now switch all items at the same time.
– Added erase buttons on the quick switch dialog.
– Fixed a bug in the texture and model cache system that made items reload from disk too often.
– Increased the texture and model cache.

– Fixed a bug in the CW where players who left their clan were not being kicked from the Castle and Crystal maps
– Fixed a bug that caused an unknown error when equipping certain items.
– Enabled Duels in Junon Polis and other towns.
– Ended the Item Mall Sale