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  • Celestial WarCelestial War: An exciting unique clan war on all four planets
  • MarriageMarriage: A traditional ceremony when becoming Soulmates
  • Weekly PvP TournamentsWeekly PvP Tournaments: Defeat all opponents and win powerful equipment!
  • New AreasNew Areas: Chess Dimension
  • FarmingFarming
  • Treasure HuntingTreasure Hunting
Celestial War1 Marriage2 Weekly PvP Tournaments3 New Areas4 Farming5 Treasure Hunting6

Latest News


DDoS Attacks / Server Migration

We have successfully migrated our server in response to the DDoS attacks we have suffered from.
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Dual Guns

Update 2.12: Gunslinger, Offline Vending

A new job is available for Dealers. Gunslingers fight by using dual guns.
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  • Update 2.10 : Christmas Event

    The Penguin Maffia is trying to cancel Christmas! Escort Santa to his Planetoid and defend him from the Penguin Maffia all the way through Mount Eruca.

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Rose Online

iRosePH is a Free to Play MMORPG based on the original Rose Online gameplay. Online since 2007 and open to players worldwide. We have plenty of unique content and focus on high levels and PvP. Are you ready to fight?

Rose Online is a world with seven planets, corrupted by the evil power of Hebarn. The Gods of Rose need your help to protect the planets. Your journey starts as a mere Visitor, but as you progress you become a true hero.